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Archives for December 2016
  • katzafiro
    PocketScan portable scanner
    I just heard about the PocketScan. Does anyone here use it? Any reviews? So far, the Scanner Pro app has been working for me for small scanning projects when I am out of the office but I've been looking for something better.
    katzafiro 151 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • ftourigny
    Encryption for Google Drive
    Hi there ! I'm sure this has been discussed at some point but our firm needs an encryption solution for Google drive. What are your recommendations ? Thanks !
    ftourigny 211 views 5 comments Most recent by Richard651 Legal Technology
  • ugamoff
    Phone system
    Is there a way to have 2 offices use the same phone number and system. For instance if I have a satellite office can my receptionist at either office answer the phone and then transfer it to the other office?
    ugamoff 221 views 3 comments Most recent by dshinkle Legal Technology
  • ftourigny
    Scheduling Apps
    Hi there, We want to implement a scheduling system on our website and I was wondering what was the best scheduling app out there ? I tried calendly a while ago and found it pretty nice but maybe there are others out there ? What are your experien…
    ftourigny 913 views 14 comments Most recent by SarahGold Legal Technology

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