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Archives for November 2016
  • Erik Hume
    Style Separators in Word for Mac
    I recently became acquainted with style separators in Word for Windows (I'm a transactional lawyer and use them for section headings). I was disappointed to see they aren't implemented in Word 2016 for Mac. Is there a workaround that will let me use…
    Erik Hume 391 views 4 comments Most recent by Deborah Savadra Legal Technology
  • Wes Christensen
    Saving Outlook emails as PDF docs
    Does anyone know of a good tool for saving emails from within Outlook as PDF docs? I am currently running Outlook 2007 on Win XP. I bought a tool called PrimoPDF some time ago. It mostly works, but gets quite a few errors. I also tried PDFC…
    Wes Christensen 341 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • msspinner
    Amicus Price Jump Causing Switch
    Three years ago we switched from Timematters/Billingmatters to Amicus Premium w Billing. We were longtime TM users (from ver. 2) but grew frustrated with dropped sync with outlook and tech support response as I recall, which caused the switch. It …
    msspinner 241 views 8 comments Most recent by msspinner Legal Technology
  • GregClaessens
    Gmail auto filters?
    Gmail is great for my practice. It syncs with Clio in useful ways and works with Zapier well too. I am wondering if there is a way to automate the creation of filters? My example scenario. When Clio creates a new matter that triggers a zap tha…
    GregClaessens 81 views 2 comments Most recent by GregClaessens Legal Technology

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