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Archives for September 2015
  • samglover
    What practice management software do you use?
    Help us figure out which is the most popular practice management software among members of the Lawyerist community. If you answer Other or None, tell us more in the comments! POLL CLOSED on 2015-10-15 This was fun, but in the end, it's impo…
    Closed samglover 10.1K views 108 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Deborah Savadra
    What's the most irritating default setting in Microsoft Word?
    If you use (or used to use) Microsoft Word in your law practice, what do you think is the most irritating default setting, one that you have to change every time you start a new document? For example: * Calibri font (really, Microsoft?) * 1…
    Deborah Savadra 251 views 5 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Jamie Sutton
    Best Encryption for Google Drive
    We've thought about switching over to Box or another service, but since we're already using Google Apps for 95 percent of everything else on our Google for Business account, we'd really like to stick to Google Drive. But I'm having a hell of a time …
    Jamie Sutton 282 views 3 comments Most recent by marsch Legal Technology
  • DHolland
    Quickbooks for time and billing
    I started my own office this week and had grand plans to use QB Premier for time and billing as well as bookkeeping. My experience thus far is frustrating. Are the potential benefits of the program worth the effort on the learning curve, or am I …
    DHolland 221 views 10 comments Most recent by barbfarnum Legal Technology
  • Jamie Sutton
    Practice Panther
    I saw that Practice Panther has made themselves free until the end of the year and I got a trial account today to start looking around at the features. It seems like a pretty slick and easy to use interface. It's got some nice features but is missin…
    Jamie Sutton 386 views 8 comments Most recent by SaulLandesman Legal Technology

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