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Archives for June 2014
  • Jonathan Kleiman
    Entering MailChimp
    So, I want to enter into mailchimp territory. I would like to send out an email to a big list, and give them the option to join. Mailchimp seems to only let me make a list of people to email if I attest to their subscription status, which in Canada …
    Jonathan Kleiman 61 views 3 comments Most recent by Garner Legal Technology
  • Jonathan Kleiman
    Is Google Drive Officially The Most Secure?
    Jonathan Kleiman 211 views 5 comments Most recent by Jeffrey_Taylor Legal Technology
  • Jonathan Kleiman
    Is Yesware Legit?
    Has anyone tried Yesware? It seems pretty cool, but look at http://www.yesware.com/product-tour I suppose if I'm going to track when my clients open my emails, and from what city they do it, etc, then I should be very specific about this in my en…
    Jonathan Kleiman 251 views 15 comments Most recent by Jonathan Kleiman Legal Technology
  • Wes Christensen
    Online forms
    Does anyone have experience using online forms? I have several intake and other forms that I have been sending out as Word documents, but this is not a very satisfactory solution for me or my clients. Clients often fail to complete important section…
    Wes Christensen 251 views 7 comments Most recent by Garner Legal Technology
  • VBEsq
    How to efficiently PDF an entire website?
    I need to examine an entire website (that I don't own) for content. What is the quickest way to download all content into a file, preferably PDF? I do not own adobe acrobat.
    VBEsq 131 views 2 comments Most recent by VBEsq Legal Technology
  • JC1
    Retina Mac Book Pro: Size and Component Considerations
    After many years, I am making the move from PC back to Mac. In addition to my PC desktops, I have been using a 14" Thinkpad T61 for many years--it has been a great laptop (hardware-wise), but various Windows glitches over time have taken their toll.…
    JC1 241 views 16 comments Most recent by JC1 Legal Technology

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