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Archives for May 2013
  • Frank Pipitone
    Virtual vs. Permanent Office
    There was a similar thread covering this last year, but I thought I would start a new one as I am considering a change.   I am a consumer bankruptcy lawyer and I operate out of a physical office location in a building with other professionals.  I …
    Frank Pipitone 291 views 10 comments Most recent by jimwatson Legal Technology
  • samglover
    Should your clients get a say in the software you use?
    Last week, I posted a poll asking whether your clients care whether you use Dropbox. So far, 16% of those who responded said yes, their clients do care. Which raises the interesting question whether your clients should get a say in what software yo…
    samglover 191 views 7 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • samglover
    How do you use Twitter?
    I enjoy Twitter, but looking around at others' Twitter profiles, I'm mystified by the number of accounts people follow. I try to keep the number of people I follow under 100, which is just manageable. But I regularly see people following thousands o…
    samglover 101 views 6 comments Most recent by daninoah Legal Technology
  • William Chuang
    Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium
    I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium, which is speech recognition software, and a headset. The software is normally pretty expensive but it was on sale at Tiger Direct (well, a $130 mail in rebate, so there's a gamble there) so I got myself…
    William Chuang 41 views 1 comment Most recent by Jason P. Howie Legal Technology
  • Brett Metcalf
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 or iPad Mini?
    I've finally ponied up the money for a Scansnap with the aim of a paperless practice. But I'm stuck on which tablet would be best suited for me. I am in court quite a bit, so the utility of the Note 8.0 is appealing. I've played with a demo and t…
    Brett Metcalf 161 views 6 comments Most recent by Lisa Stratton Legal Technology
  • JRCnudde
    Dropsmack Article on the risk of using Dropbox
    Anyone read this article? The firm I work at circulated this as one of their reasons to not permit use of Dropbox. I'll admit to not being tech savy to fully understand the implications of this. I know many of you use this service and would be in…
    JRCnudde 111 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • peloja
    Skydrive & Dropbox - Multi-lawyer small law firm
    Forgive me, if I missed a thread that already deals with this: I'll start my own firm this summer and will probably have a secretary and 1-2 associates to start out with. I've been 100% paperless since last year (my current colleagues think it's "…
    peloja 212 views 8 comments Most recent by peloja Legal Technology

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