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Archives for July 2012
  • daniel colorado
    Best Case for Immigration?
    I was just wondering, does anyone know of any software that is similar to "Best Case", except made for Immigration? 
    daniel colorado 2 views 2 comments Most recent by daniel colorado Legal Technology
  • Michael Pezza
    Getting Things Done
    I am hooked on GTD. I use the Netcentrics GTD add-in for Outlook for my business stuff, and Nirvana for personal. Nirvana has a great Web interface, and just launched its iPhone app (which works pretty well on the iPad while awaiting the iPad versi…
    Michael Pezza 71 views 2 comments Most recent by tomstubbs Legal Technology
  • Michael DiNardo
    Ring Central - Scalability
    I have read some comments on the Ring Central service.  Another question I have after reading the threads is does the service scale-up easily to more users.  I looked at this briefly and was concerned about the costs for more users and the need to b…
    Michael DiNardo 1 view 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Todd Gers
    Secondary Computer
    Hello everyone - I am currently using a Dell desktop as my main office computer, which is approx 1.5 yrs old.  I use LogMeIn and an ipad to login remotely.  I recently had some computer issues and was scrambling to find a way to get some docs compl…
    Todd Gers 3 views 19 comments Most recent by thedansherman Legal Technology
  • samglover
    Giveaway: Incipio iPad Cases and Styli
    WINNERS PICKED! Put some clothing on that iPad! For shame! Randall reviewed three iPad cases from Incipio that will give your iPad some much-needed modesty. Edit: I almost forgot — I will include a stylus with each case. You don't get to pick the …
    samglover 3.5K views 24 comments Most recent by Todd Gers Legal Technology
  • samglover
    Giveaway: Swingline Stack-and-Shred 80X Paper Shredder
    WINNERS PICKED! If you do your own shredding, this is the one you want. Here's my review. If I didn't use a shredding service, I would get one of these for my own firm. In order to win, you must: * Have made at least 2 substantive posts (i.e., n…
    samglover 4K views 50 comments Most recent by mpgoldstein Legal Technology
  • samglover
    Giveaway: His and Hers Mobile Edge Laptop Bags
    WINNERS PICKED! Still hauling your colorful messenger bag with you to court and client meetings? Maybe it's time to look a little more grown up in public. Now is your chance, because the winners of these bags won't have to pay a dime for them! Inst…
    samglover 3.7K views 45 comments Most recent by mpgoldstein Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    Harvest v Freshbooks v MyCase for Billin
    Which of these do you like best for billing purposes?  I'm started to do some more complex billing (used to do only very simple flat fee billing) and I'm trying to decide if I should move beyond the billing features of MyCase.  I used to use Tabs3 …
    LawyerC 2 views 2 comments Most recent by LawyerC Legal Technology
  • samglover
    Calling Back People You Know You Won't Represent
    I regularly get calls about landlord-tenant and debt collection matters, mostly because my consumer rights blog is still quite popular. Since I have a receptionist, I usually get a message telling me what the call is about, so I usually know when I …
    samglover 16 views 13 comments Most recent by Charles Zimmerman Legal Technology
  • Wireless Networking
    Small "network" questions:  I will be opening my solo office shortly, and am sharing offices with other lawyers and, for reasons hard to explain, would prefer connecting my two computers wirelessly to a single scanner (I have settled on the Scansnap…
    1 view 2 comments Most recent by thedansherman Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    Facebook....adding disclaimer to my Email Lin
    I want the following disclaimer to be visible to anyone who tries to email or PM me via my firm's Facebook page.  No attorney-client relationship is formed by sending a message or email to the firm.  This means that the information you submit to us…
    LawyerC 1 view 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Tim Evans
    "You Don't Have a Real Job"
    This probably doesn't belong in this forum, but I didn't know where to put it. Please feel free to move to another. How do you deal with a spouse who, for lack of a better term, doesn't respect your job?  Here's what I mean by that: Any time our c…
    Tim Evans 1 view 3 comments Most recent by Nicole Black Legal Technology
  • Josh Camson
    What do you use checklists for?
    I'm in the process of organizing and curating the checklists my partner and I accumulated before we started our firm. Since we haven't been lawyers very long, we don't have many. But I'd be curious to hear what everyone else uses checklists for. 
    Josh Camson 91 views 13 comments Most recent by Cameron Parkhurst Legal Technology
  • AO
    Retainer Agreement and Arbitration clause
    Hi, I am an attorney in Texas and have a question about arbitration clauses and whether they are necessary in the retainer agreement.  I am revising mine and considering removing it. Any thoughts?
    AO 2 views 5 comments Most recent by ckrueger21 Legal Technology
  • Thomas Seeley
    NeoOffice - open wordperfect docs on Mac
    Has anyone tried this?  Allegedly it will permit one to open Wordperfect docs in Mac.
    Thomas Seeley 1 view 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Tim Evans
    dictation vs typing
    I know there's an old poll on lawyerist regarding this, but I'm just wondering if there is anyone here who dictates instead of typing their own work. I'm currently using the services of legaltypist.com, but I am really questioning the effectiveness…
    Tim Evans 1.1K views 5 comments Most recent by johnpdickson Legal Technology
  • Jeffrey Lapin
    Internet Security
    Good article, The Web needs to change its password, about the web, passwords and security. Author (Dominic Basulto) discussed the need for a new system for securing information other than passwords. Biometrics, such as facial definition, iris scans,…
    Jeffrey Lapin 2 views 2 comments Most recent by thedansherman Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    Dlink Router Needs Constant Resetting
    I have a really old Dlink router.  It needs to be unplugged and reset at least once a day.  I have updated the firmware and have also done a hard reset but am still having this problem.  I am using WPA-2 security.  I have also reset the moden. Is t…
    LawyerC 1 view 4 comments Most recent by wjones Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    Sharing Outlook Calendar with Offsite Assistant
    Is there any easy way to do this?  I don't want to set up a server and I don't want to use Google calendar (I'm just not comfortable enough with their privacy policy to feel OK with putting client data on their servers). We use MyCase so many (abou…
    LawyerC 3 views 6 comments Most recent by jtrayner Legal Technology
  • Peg  Manning
    Laptops will not recognize ScanSnap S1100 or S1300.
    I am really impressed with the ScanSnap S1500 in the office, and got the S1100 to use while traveling.  It worked with my older laptop.  Despite hours of trying, though, I cannot get either of my new (standard Dell) laptops to recognize the S1100.  …
    Peg Manning 595 views 6 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology

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