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Archives for May 2012
  • Paul Black
    preventing cancellations & no-shows
    I've only had a couple of cancellations so far, but I'd love to hear from others how they keep clients from cancelling appointments, esp. within 24 hours of the appointment time. I am considering requesting a credit card number from potential clien…
    Paul Black 3.3K views 23 comments Most recent by CherylStephens Legal Technology
  • Nicole Black
    What's your favorite note-taking app for the iPad?
    Mine is PaperPort Notes. It's a very user-friendly interface and allows you to type, write, insert images, audio, screen shots of web pages, etc.  For PDF reading and annotation, my favorite is iAnnotate PDF--mainly because it allows you to create …
    Nicole Black 1 view 0 comments Started by Nicole Black Legal Technology
  • Tom Haren
    Online Appointment Scheduling
    Has anybody used online appointment scheduling services like TimeTrade? I'd be interested to hear thoughts on whether the service is beneficial to clients or the firms using the service. Thanks! -Tom
    Tom Haren 2 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    Proofreading in Microsoft Word
    I have found the easiest way to proofread is to hold the edge a sheet of paper up to the printed document and keep the sheet placed so that only the line I am reading (and the above lines) are visible.  This helps me focus on reading line by line.  …
    LawyerC 1 view 0 comments Started by LawyerC Legal Technology
  • Steve Bolton
    Desktop Search Engine
    I have used Copernic for a desktop search engine for a long time.  I just switched to a faster 64 bit computer and OS and Firefox and Copernic do not seem to get along.    Anyone using a desktop search engine that they can recommend?   Does Wind…
    Steve Bolton 1 view 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    Keepng Contract Lanugage Organized
    I write contracts for Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, Embryo Donation and various types of surrogacy.   I would like to have one standard contract template for all donations and on standard contract template for all surrogacies.  The reason is that th…
    LawyerC 1 view 5 comments Most recent by Eric Griffin Legal Technology
  • Steve Bolton
    ScanSnap S510 Doc Scanner
    I have the above.  I just upgraded to a Win7 64 bit OS.  The software for the ScanSnap was rejected on the basis that it only appears to work on 32 bit. Is there a reasonable work around for this?  This is quite disappointing.   Thanks
    Steve Bolton 1 view 10 comments Most recent by jflora1 Legal Technology
  • jfredjr
    Canon DR-C125 Desktop Scanner
    Anyone out there who can provide a review of this scanner and how it compares to the SnapScan S1500?
    jfredjr 1 view 5 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Garen Sinden
    Conflicts check system
    I am a relatively new solo practitioner. I need to institute a conflicts checking procedure/system. I have not started using any practice management software, yet. I use a PC, but just started using an iPad and iPhone as well. What conflicts chec…
    Garen Sinden 1 view 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Andrew Nettleman
    Fee Splitting Employment Agreement for Associate
    Anyone have one they would be willing to share?   Thanks.
    Andrew Nettleman 1 view 0 comments Started by Andrew Nettleman Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    Best Way to Track Blogs I Read?
    Is there ONE method to track all blogs that I follow?  Right now, some are delivered to my inbox and some are not.  I'm looking for one way to track all the blogs so that when I have some downtime and wish to read posts (either on laptop or iPad), I…
    LawyerC 1 view 11 comments Most recent by thedansherman Legal Technology
  • Tim Evans
    Google Apps - Paid or Free?
    Those who use Google Apps, do you use Google Apps for Business (the "paid version") or the free Google Apps?   I have below 10 users, so I can use the free version, but I'm wondering if it's worth the small yearly fee for having 24/7 phone support.
    Tim Evans 1 view 5 comments Most recent by Tim Evans Legal Technology
  • Tim Evans
    Keep website up during redesign
    Currently, my website is using WP with the Headway 2.x theme. I'd like to upgrade my site to  Headway 3.x, but so far, there isn't an upgrade path, which means I'd have to redesign my site. I'm not opposed to a redesign; it's badly in need of one. …
    Tim Evans 1 view 4 comments Most recent by scoradin Legal Technology
  • Tim Evans
    Paying Yourself
    I've read through all the posts in Solo Practice Finances and have learned some things. It helped me realize I've been working more as a hobby than as a business.   The biggest question I have from all that is when do you pay yourself?   Obvious…
    Tim Evans 1 view 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Mark M.
    Sharing an office suite?
    What type of software/program do people use for sharing office expenses with other lawyers? We have 3 lawyers sharing our office but the expense calculation is very manual.   Would like to know if you have better ways of managing this. thanks!
    Mark M. 1 view 1 comment Most recent by Andrew Nettleman Legal Technology
  • Got2BtheB
    Wireless All-in-One Printer Recommendation?
    Does anyone have a recommendation for a wireless All-in-One printer?   I plan on getting the new Macbook Pro that is coming out next month, so I would like it to be compatible with Apple products.    Also, fax capabilities would be a plus.   P…
    Got2BtheB 43 views 13 comments Most recent by reddog Legal Technology
  • krista kim
    Payment structure for contact attorneys - need input
    I am planning to leave my current firm and launch a new small firm.  I have been speaking with another attorney who may work for me on a contract basis.  I want to compensate her fairly.  I was considering paying her the greater of 60% of her fees b…
    krista kim 1 view 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Harris Marks
    Laptop for PI/Med Mal Attny
    I have been asked to find the best laptop to display MRI films and X Rays in Court. I have found that many computers take a long while to upload these type of files becuase of thier large size.   Any suggestions. Thanks.
    Harris Marks 2 views 7 comments Most recent by Harry Hackney Legal Technology
  • Steve Bolton
    Ipad protective Screen
    Bought the new Ipad.   Should I also get a protective screen?   Thank you.
    Steve Bolton 1 view 16 comments Most recent by Dennis Luettich Legal Technology
  • Mike Lammers
    Intuit Quickbase for all my needs?
    Does anyone know anything about Quickbase?   I found it when searching for a cloud based contact management system.  When I began the free trial I see that it purports to be a LOT more than that. There is a law firm management template that I am …
    Mike Lammers 2 views 8 comments Most recent by Mark Legal Technology

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