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Archives for March 2012
  • becky41956
    Freshbooks vs. Quickbooks for use with Clio
    Can anyone tell me how these two program differ?  Can you write checks with Freshbooks?   Thanks for your help!
    becky41956 11 views 3 comments Most recent by David Rowell Legal Technology
  • samglover
    Win a Pogoplug Business!
    Congratulations to Nicholas Vesha from Ohio. The Pogoplug will be on its way shortly! It's time for another giveaway! Gadgets tend to pile up in my office, but my clutter is your gain! This time, I'm giving away the Pogoplug Business (here's the of…
    samglover 3.8K views 84 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Kyle Woods
    I am looking for some suggestions on collecting from clients.  Also, what is the going rate if I use a collection service?
    Kyle Woods 1 view 7 comments Most recent by Jonathan Moody Legal Technology
  • samglover
    Backing up to the cloud
    Everyone needs (at least) two forms of backup, one local, and one remote. For most of us, that means an external hard drive and a cloud backup service. I just signed up for CrashPlan's family unlimited plan, which is a steal at $6/month for unlimit…
    samglover 4.5K views 58 comments Most recent by reviewster Legal Technology
  • Mark-Allen Taylor
    Dropbox vs. the others
    I have not yet selected Clio, RM or the like yet, but I read where they are integrated with the Dropbox product, and I am curious if Dropbox the best for the solo and why.  Someone recently recommended Data Deposit Box: http://kineticd.com/?pid=044d…
    Mark-Allen Taylor 1 view 12 comments Most recent by thedansherman Legal Technology
  • Todd Gers
    Advice/Thoughts on Moving to Virtual Office vs. Traditional Office
    Hello, I am a solo practitioner whose practice is mainly consumer chapter 7 bankruptcy, transactional and business work and some occasional commercial litigation.  I split from a former law partner and downsized from my own 3 office suite to a share…
    Todd Gers 241 views 17 comments Most recent by Todd Gers Legal Technology
  • Jonathan Moody
    MyCase vs. RocketMatter vs. Clio (derail: document assembly)
    I thought this might be a good thread to start for people to stop in and get advice on which practice management system works best for them. Now that all 3 of these have (or will soon have) document assembly features - which would likely be the mos…
    Jonathan Moody 9.5K views 39 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Josh Camson
    Making Documents OCR Searchable
    Now that we have a document scanner, all our new documents are OCR-enable (or whatever the proper term is). But is there a recommended way to take all the old PDFs that we have and make it so I can search within them for the text in those documents?
    Josh Camson 1 view 8 comments Most recent by Eric Cooperstein Legal Technology
  • samglover
    Chrome OS: working in the cloud
    I just got to spend a couple of weeks with the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. My review went up today, but I've gotta tell you, it has me thinking about whether I could (and should) move my entire practice to the cloud. I can think of a lot of advanta…
    samglover 21 views 15 comments Most recent by mckinneylaw Legal Technology
  • rvsantoro
    Trying to organize the office
    I am a part time IT guy for a lawyer and I am curious for your opinions in how I can reorganize the way the lawyer's office works.  I started working in this office about 3 years ago while being a full time college student.  I upgraded their clie…
    rvsantoro 1 view 6 comments Most recent by rvsantoro Legal Technology
    Case Management Software
    I'm looking for case mgt software for my workers' compensation practice. Most of the "cloud" programs tout their billing capabilities. We don't/can't bill. I've looked at some, line Needles but find the cost excessive. I read some posts about Creden…
    RON SIEGEL 1 view 9 comments Most recent by RaeChernov Legal Technology
  • Josh Camson
    iCloud and Google Apps
    So, my partner and I are using Google Apps for our e-mail. He is using the calendar on there for his main calendar. I'd like to use that calendar as my work calendar and sync it with my iPhone. That's pretty easy. But I'd also like to share my iClou…
    Josh Camson 1 view 8 comments Most recent by RaeChernov Legal Technology
  • Jennifer Kowski-Dahlberg
    Contact Management
    How do you manage your contacts and all the business cards you receive? What program or software do you use?  Does anyone use the ScanSnap business card feature? How does that integrate with your contact management process?  Thanks!
    Jennifer Kowski-Dahlberg 1 view 4 comments Most recent by Jennifer Kowski-Dahlberg Legal Technology
  • Mark-Allen Taylor
    Clio vs. Rocket Matter
    Is there a good chart for comparing and contrasiong Clio and Rocket Matter?  I am a solo and so in need of a relatively cost-effective option.  Also, are there any other similiar programs that might be a good option?   Many thanks, Mark   PS: Ho…
    Mark-Allen Taylor 941 views 6 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    HELP--Microsoft Outlook Font Suddenly Too Small
    My kids were playing on my keyboard and now Outlook is doing something funny.  Whenever I hit reply or forward on an email, or when I create a new email, the font shows up tiny on the screen.  It is still set at the same size, and people who receive…
    LawyerC 51.3K views 8 comments Most recent by LawyerC Legal Technology
  • RaeChernov
    Has anyone used Advologix? Thoughts?
    We are considering moving over from Clio to Advologix for multiple reasons, the main one being the ability in Advologix to track and calculate internal referral fees. Has anyone used it? WE have done little beyond taking it for the free trial test …
    RaeChernov 61 views 5 comments Most recent by Esquette Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    Recommendation for Ordering Checks
    Any suggestions on a good place to order checks from?  I intend to print them out on my HP laserjet and want to use Quickbooks to print.    Thanks.
    LawyerC 1 view 5 comments Most recent by William Chuang Legal Technology
  • Jennifer Kowski-Dahlberg
    Skype vs. FaceTime
    Has anyone tried both? Which do you prefer and why? Would some with FaceTime be willing to connect with me so I can get a feel for it? I'd like to try it before I use it with a potential client but I don't know anyone with a Mac product.  Thanks!
    Jennifer Kowski-Dahlberg 1 view 6 comments Most recent by Gyi Tsakalakis Legal Technology
  • Kenneth Forman
    Dipping my toe into paperless (Scansnap)
    Hope you all can help this cranky old luddite lawyer. The official scansnap manual is just confusing me.   As a training run into going paperless I was going to have my receptionist/file clerk start scanning in our closed files.   My plan was to…
    Kenneth Forman 1 view 7 comments Most recent by Eric Cooperstein Legal Technology

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