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Archives for February 2012
  • LawyerC
    Best Way to Store Login information & Registration Information
    I've been storing things like my login information, passwords, frequent flier numbers, software serial numbers, etc. in a note in Outlook.  It works, but I'm wondering if there is a better way to store this stuff?  I like to have basically a list of…
    LawyerC 1 view 7 comments Most recent by LawyerC Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    Cloud Storage for Cheap?
    Is there a place in the cloud where I can store a lot--over 1000 GB--for relatively cheap?  These are some old files/videos/photos that I don't want to delete but I also don't want clogging up my hard drive.  I would prefer to have storage somewhere…
    LawyerC 1 view 7 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    Fujitsu ScanSnap Rocks!
    I cannot speak highly enough of this scanner.  It is ridiculously easy to use and to keep my documents organized.  It is also tiny and barely takes up any room.  Thanks Sam for the recommendation. 
    LawyerC 6.8K views 27 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Michael Padway
    Remote Call Answering
    I am a personal injury attorney, and thinking about remote call answering.  A lot of users on the list seem partial to Ruby, but I am concerned the hours are limited to normal work hours.  I can't decide if I should go with this service, or if I wou…
    Michael Padway 1 view 3 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • samglover
    Email Autoresponder Abuse
    Since I'm responsible for sending out the Lawyerist Insider email newsletter every week, I get a weekly sampling of email autoresponders. In addition to the flood of "out of office" responses that repeat week after week from people who apparently d…
    samglover 21 views 3 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Andrew Bloch
    Ironically, I just re-installed this plug-in yesterday afternoon (i've recently switched firms). Having not used it at work for the better part of two months, I forgot how convenient and seamless it works in your office setting.    I've never pers…
    Andrew Bloch 2 views 8 comments Most recent by thedansherman Legal Technology
  • LawyerC
    HP Color LaserJet Pro CP1525NW Printer
    Is this a decent printer?  I don't print much--maybe 200 pages a month--but I do need something with wireless capability.  I function mostly paperless, but do sometimes need to print 1. short letters and 2. court pleadings.  I would like a color pri…
    LawyerC 1 view 1 comment Most recent by LawyerC Legal Technology
  • Thomas Seeley
    Computer purchase - Lease v. Buy?
    Noted recently that Apple is offering 0% 3-year lease under certain conditions.  Always thought leasing computers was ridiculous but with the right terms, got me thinking.   Without interest, seems could be a good deal.   Anyone else had any exper…
    Thomas Seeley 1 view 5 comments Most recent by Damon Chetson Legal Technology
  • Marc Cleavinger
    Can't use E-Transcript viewer with a Mac
    Any advice? Most litigators rely heavily these days on e-transcripts of depositions.
    Marc Cleavinger 1 view 1 comment Most recent by jchidgey Legal Technology
  • Duncan McQueen
    Document Analysis
    I want to see opinions from others regarding some of the new document analysis tools that are coming out.  I've been using a beta of a tool called Ridacto (nice little overview here - http://www.koncision.com/ridacto/), but not there are other tools…
    Duncan McQueen 1 view 0 comments Started by Duncan McQueen Legal Technology
  • Paul Slough
    LexisNexis Firm Manager
    Anyone have experience with it?  Never looked too hard at it.  Signing up for the free trial but thought I'd ask if anyone has seriously used it...?
    Paul Slough 2 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Frank Pipitone
    Laserjet: Color vs. Monochrome
    I saw this touched on in another thread and thought it would be an interesting stand alone topic.  I have started researching printers for my office and I am torn on color vs. black & white.   I would say that my print volume is going to be so…
    Frank Pipitone 3.4K views 11 comments Most recent by Jonathan Moody Legal Technology
  • spoonerm
    Microsoft Access and practice managaement
    Hey, I'm new to the boards but I've been reading the site for a while in preparation for opening a firm... to get to the point: I have a programming background and have worked in IT on and off between age fifteen and the present. I have been develop…
    spoonerm 3K views 10 comments Most recent by TnLawyerJim Legal Technology
  • wmoss
    User-Side Encryption / Syncing Two PCs w/ Dropbox
    I've been perusing the archives for insight on encryption. (@Sam - In a post back in 2009 you mentioned that you were using BitLocker on your laptop. Is this still the case, and do I correctly understand that you're using Truecrypt for your office d…
    wmoss 504 views 6 comments Most recent by Paul Slough Legal Technology
  • William Chuang
    Best Business ISP In NYC?
    I am searching for high-speed Internet access for my office in downtown Manhattan. FIOS is not available, unfortunately. I have ordered 7.1 Mbps/768 kbps Verizon DSL service for now, which costs $85 a month with a phone line. Time Warner Cable has b…
    William Chuang 2 views 0 comments Started by William Chuang Legal Technology

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