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Archives for May 2011
  • Carol Cummins
    SaaS Case Management - Credenza
    Anyone have experience using Credenza - the Outlook add-in case management software?  Other than being a captive of Microsoft, Outlook is familiar, easy to use and is already populated with case management related data. Credenza is quite less expen…
    Carol Cummins 21 views 14 comments Most recent by Laurie Gibson Legal Technology
  • David Mallen
    Virtual Law Office Choices
    I have a brick-and-mortar office and have decided to add a Virtual Law Office. . .You know the drill. . .with wife, kids, soccer games, baseball games, poker games, gardening (I'll leave out the naughty stuff) I am now running my office more by smar…
    David Mallen 181 views 19 comments Most recent by benjlaw Legal Technology
  • Rhonda Pagel
    payroll services
    I finally bit the bullet and hired a part time employee.   As I will only have 1 employee working very part time, handling the details of payroll will be relatively simple.  I am looking for alternatives to paying my accountant to handle the payroll…
    Rhonda Pagel 11 views 8 comments Most recent by Thomas Seeley Legal Technology
  • AaronStreet
    Webinar: Paperless Law Office
    Here's the link to our "Paperless Law Office" webinar available only to LAB members: http://lawyeristlab.com/paperless-office-webinar/ Feel free to ask questions or provide feedback in this forum thread.
    AaronStreet 31 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology

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