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Starting a Law Firm

Archives for February 2014
  • Mike C
    How to Identify/Approach Prospective Law Partners in SF Bay Area - Regulatory/White Collar/Civil Lit
    Big fan of Lawyerist and all the members who support each other - thanks in advance for considering this question. My family would like to move from DC to the SF Bay Area, where my wife grew up and has extensive family, including aging parents. …
    Mike C 151 views 6 comments Most recent by Mike C Starting a Law Firm
  • ycb0301
    Attorney Coach
    I am planning to start my own practice in about two weeks. For resource wise, I think I am set – setting up an LLC, office space, Attorney Trust Account, practice management software, website etc. However, I am not so confident when it comes to actu…
    ycb0301 471 views 11 comments Most recent by CoachDena Starting a Law Firm
  • Josh Camson
    Transitioning Geographic Area
    Over the last two years my partner and I have built up somewhat of a name for ourselves in southwestern Pennsylvania. In about two years my fiance and I plan to move to the Philadelphia suburbs - 350 miles away. Our tentative plan is for the firm to…
    Josh Camson 251 views 5 comments Most recent by Susan Gainen Starting a Law Firm
  • ycb0301
    Office sharing
    With a plan of hanging out my own shingles in a month in mind, I have been looking for an office sharing opportunity with a more experienced attorney or just a single office space for myself for the past few weeks. I met a very nice attorney today a…
    ycb0301 82 views 3 comments Most recent by ycb0301 Starting a Law Firm

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