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Starting a Law Firm

Archives for October 2013
  • MSesq
    Open for business . . . now what?!
    Briefly, I have always known that at some point in my career I would have my own firm, either as a solo or in a two person partnership. I thought about it immediately after law school but decided that I probably should hold off. Fast forward two y…
    MSesq 332 views 10 comments Most recent by mattjames Starting a Law Firm
  • CFoleyEsq
    The Journey Begins...
    Fellow Lawyerist Junkies, After sitting on the sidelines for the past two years, and taking in the useful information everyone has been kind enough to share, I have decided to become a part of this conversation. I'd love to receive some tips and tr…
    CFoleyEsq 161 views 9 comments Most recent by CFoleyEsq Starting a Law Firm
  • kalamaya
    Hosting Website on Mac Mini
    Does anyone have experience or thoughts on using a Mac Mini to host a law firm website? I'm considering buying a Mac Mini and the Server application ($20) to start building up a website. I would likely download and use Wordpress. I already have a bl…
    kalamaya 661 views 8 comments Most recent by thedansherman Starting a Law Firm

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