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Starting a Law Firm

Archives for September 2012
  • Nichole Carter
    "What kind of law do you practice?"
    Hello All, I am starting my own practice and this is the one question I can't seem to answer--and it seems ridiculous to me that this is my stumbling block.  I graduated from law school in 2001 and I have been a prosecutor for my entire career.  I …
    Nichole Carter 1.6K views 3 comments Most recent by LawyerC Starting a Law Firm
  • Kassi Green
    Logo Design
    Just found this website today and it is awesome. I was wondering how everyone feels about logos. I see many repeats in my area and wonder if the law firms know that they have a stock picture.  Do you ask someone to design something for you? Go thr…
    Kassi Green 11 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover Starting a Law Firm
  • Aaron Williamson
    Reading list for beginning solos?
    I've searched all around the blog and forum this, so forgive me if it's someplace I haven't looked, but what are the top 5 books you'd recommend to someone starting a solo practice? I'm aware of the Elefant and Foonberg books (and have Elefant's on …
    Aaron Williamson 21 views 11 comments Most recent by Bradley B. Clark Starting a Law Firm

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