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Starting a Law Firm

Archives for July 2012
  • ArcyLaw
    Joining forces with another attorney
    I'm a solo who has been work- and space-sharing with a mentor for almost 3 years now.  It's worked very well for both of us and we'd like to stick together.  I'd like to start marketing us as a team and sharing some expenses.   Any advice for what …
    ArcyLaw 1 view 12 comments Most recent by G C Starting a Law Firm
  • Andrew Shumate
    To get an office or not? Is this a reasonable price?
    So, ever since the topic came up on Lawyerist, I've been reconsidering the decision to not get an office.  Before I launch into the specifics of that, though, I should probably detail my planned practice:   My practice will center around three are…
    Andrew Shumate 1 view 18 comments Most recent by Blove Starting a Law Firm
  • agdugan1
    Legal Practice Management Software
    I am starting a solo practice and would be very grateful if anyone can give me recommendations on the best cost effective legal practice management software to use. I have heard of many, such as AbaccusLaw, My Case, Rocket Matter, Clio, Total Attorn…
    agdugan1 21 views 9 comments Most recent by Chris Hill Starting a Law Firm

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