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Archives for March 2012
  • Thomas Seeley
    S Corp v LLC
    This is obviously a state-specific question, but still thought it might be useful to hear other lawyers thoughts on corporate structure for solos.  LLC seems like appropriate choice but S Corp was suggested to me recently.    TWS
    Thomas Seeley 5.2K views 18 comments Most recent by nicholas Starting a Law Firm
  • Inga Stevens
    Need input on office space options
    I am looking for new space.  If you had these two options, which would you choose and why?   1)  2-room suite, 400-something sq ft in one of those business centers.  Most other offices on the floor are occupied by attorneys.  The receptionist ther…
    Inga Stevens 1 view 8 comments Most recent by Inga Stevens Starting a Law Firm
  • thedansherman
    I'm thinking of getting a new desk. Does anyone have any recommendations? Solidly built at a reasonable price, i.e. nicer than IKEA or Target. 
    thedansherman 1 view 11 comments Most recent by Adam Lilly Starting a Law Firm

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