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Starting a Law Firm

Archives for February 2012
  • Josh Camson
    The Shingle Life Discussion Thread
    Use the hashtag #shinglelife on Twitter to ask questions, share ideas, or offer comments. (Critics welcome.) —Ed. Hopefully everyone has seen the new column I'm writing called The Shingle Life. I started this thread so that people could suggest top…
    Josh Camson 11 views 16 comments Most recent by Josh Camson Starting a Law Firm
  • Jae Nwawe
    Gopayment vs. Square vs. Paypal
    Greetings,   I just recently joined and read all the helpful information on starting a practice.  I will practice landlord & tenant law in New York City.  I am currently looking for a shared space to also get per diem work before I get clients…
    Jae Nwawe 383 views 13 comments Most recent by kentwrobertson Starting a Law Firm
  • Greg Kunkle
    Westlaw Family Law publications questions
    First, without being way off topic. I want to say this site is great! It has really helped me get the administrative and other back office items managed and completed for my wife's new solo practice.   With that said, she is wondering if anyone ha…
    Greg Kunkle 1 view 1 comment Most recent by Adam Lilly Starting a Law Firm
  • Graham Martin
    Does Anyone Buy Disability Insurance
    I recently met with a financial planner who got me thinking about disability insurance (or as he calls it, "income replacement") for myself. Since I am the person with the higher earning potential than my spouse, it seems like it might be a good ide…
    Graham Martin 1 view 7 comments Most recent by anmanz Starting a Law Firm
  • Josh Camson
    I'm looking to hire an accountant for my soon-to-exist firm. He would just be doing our annual taxes (both for the company and our personal returns). Any thoughts on a reasonable price for this service? We would just be emailing him our Quickbooks f…
    Josh Camson 3 views 9 comments Most recent by samglover Starting a Law Firm

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