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Starting a Law Firm

Archives for November 2011
  • Jennifer Twa
    Alternative Phone Numbers
    I'm doing an externship in family law next semester and am looking at options where I don't have to give clients my actual cell phone number. What are some options (other than getting another line through my carrier)? I'm looking at Google Voice b…
    Jennifer Twa 1 view 6 comments Most recent by William Chuang Starting a Law Firm
  • Thomas Howery
    Office Space
    I'm currently looking at office space and I wanted to bounce an idea off you guys:   I'll be a solo and only employee but I'm thinking about getting a space to rent to other solo's on a per diem basis.  Not looking for a huge profit but just enoug…
    Thomas Howery 1 view 6 comments Most recent by LawyerC Starting a Law Firm

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