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Practice Management

Archives for April 2016
  • Nick_Ortiz
    Automated Communications
    Anyone communicating with clients via automation? Example, using software to automatically send emails at certain intervals of the case? Could be using anything from Aweber, Mailchimp, Ontraport and Infusionsoft. If so, what do you use and how is it…
    Nick_Ortiz 302 views 5 comments Most recent by dpkruse Practice Management
  • Jeffrey Lapin
    New Phone System
    I am looking for a new phone system. I currently am just using landlines and have an answering service for when we are closed. In my office there are 3 of us total. I am either going to get: (1) traditional phone system (landline) with a virtual …
    Jeffrey Lapin 641 views 6 comments Most recent by ct-esq Practice Management
  • jasongershenson
    Has anyone entered time in Timeslips using a spreadsheet?
    The firm I work for uses Timeslips for time tracking and billing. I use Toggl, which can export a pretty detailed spreadsheet of my time entries. I'm looking to circumvent having to re-enter every single time entry each month...it's by far my bigges…
    jasongershenson 51 views 5 comments Most recent by jasongershenson Practice Management

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