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Archives for August 2016
  • Steve Richardson
    iTunes Category for Legal Podcasts
    I want to put my law firm's podcast on iTunes, but there doesn't seem to be an appropriate category for it. For those of you in the Lab with podcasts, what categories are you using?
    Steve Richardson 71 views 2 comments Most recent by Steve Richardson Legal Marketing
  • Adam Lilly
    SquareSpace SEO
    I switched my site over to SquareSpace a few months ago, because I wasn't able to get a professional enough look on my Wordpress site, despite constant tinkering. While I very much like the look of the SquareSpace site I have now, it seems to have k…
    Adam Lilly 181 views 7 comments Most recent by gyitsakalakis Legal Marketing
  • KennyBrendan
    50-State & Fed Legal Typography Guide?
    After getting feedback on my recent article https://lawyerist.com/115103/hey-hey-ho-ho-19th-century-fonts-got-go/ about lawyers' use of fonts, it occurred to me that it would be great if we had a complete guide to the court rules affecting typograph…
    KennyBrendan 292 views 6 comments Most recent by Papabear16 Legal Marketing

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