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Archives for December 2015
  • RyanWL
    Should an Associate have his/her own website?
    I am an associate in a 15 attorney firm. The firm has a website, where I am buried in the "Attorneys" tab. What I want to do is have my own personal, professional website where I can highlight my skills and experience. I would plan on using the f…
    RyanWL 281 views 17 comments Most recent by paulspitz Legal Marketing
  • samglover
    Get feedback on your website
    In just a couple of weeks we will post our call for nominations for our annual best law firm websites contest. Is your website ready? To find out, post a link here and we will let you know what we think you could improve on. Don't worry if you do…
    Closed samglover 522 views 44 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Marketing

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