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Archives for September 2014
  • newlaw
    Is paying for referrals on Nolo/Lawyers.com ethical?
    Hello, I am wondering if paying referral services like Nolo and Lawyers.com is actually permitted in New York under the ethical guidelines. Rule 7.2 of the Rules of Profession Conduct provides that "A lawyer shall not compensate or give anything of…
    newlaw 171 views 1 comment Most recent by paulspitz Legal Marketing
  • Alvin Foreman
    Marketing to labor unions
    Every so often, I get a call from a local union rep asking if I want to buy ad space in their attorney directory. Had anyone had success (positive ROI) with marketing their practice to labor unions?
    Alvin Foreman 51 views 2 comments Most recent by Alvin Foreman Legal Marketing
  • paulspitz
    Does Avvo advertising work?
    I know there have been several threads in the past on Avvo, my favorite involving the infamous Goat Lawyer, who practices in Chèvre, Wisconsin. I'm interested here in Avvo advertising, and whether anyone has had any recent experience with it. The la…
    paulspitz 1.4K views 7 comments Most recent by Paul Hobbs Legal Marketing

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