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Archives for August 2014
  • Jeffrey_Taylor
    Benefits and Issues of Blogging
    I'm developing a bar journal article on the benefits of blogging for lawyers. I have some already listed, but wanted to get your take. Do you think blogging helps market a practice? Build networks? Establish authority? Improve writing skills? …
    Jeffrey_Taylor 211 views 9 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Marketing
  • samglover
    The ABA Gets Into Lead Generation with Rocket Lawyer
    I don't know, this partnership between the ABA and Rocket Lawyer just feels weird to me. Through a pilot program, the nation’s largest association of lawyers and the online legal services provider will collaborate to test new ways to empower l…
    samglover 231 views 3 comments Most recent by gary winter Legal Marketing
  • samglover
    Marketing with Fake Facebook Personas?
    This article on Forbes says NY personal-injury firm Parker Waichman once had over 100 fake Facebook personas like this one. All they did, apparently, was post links to a "news" site run by the firm. First, it sounds like various aspects of this s…
    samglover 121 views 0 comments Started by samglover Legal Marketing

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