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Archives for June 2014
  • samglover
    Ben Glass Legal Marketing Seminars
    This discussion was created from comments split from: Help Me Decide about Infusionsoft.
    samglover 71 views 3 comments Most recent by piadinha Legal Marketing
  • louie
    Experiences with Avvo Instant
    Has anyone signed up for Avvo Instant (https://instant.avvo.com/)? It's a new service from Avvo in which a potential client pays $99 to Avvo for a 30 minute telephone consultation. Avvo then pays the entire $99 to the attorney. I'm curious if a…
    louie 212 views 7 comments Most recent by BenGlass Legal Marketing
  • Brett Metcalf
    Website Review/Feedback
    My partner and I just launched our new website and we're pumped to share it with the world. We've already received feedback, both positive and negative, that we've found to be very helpful. In addition to asking for feedback from the lab on our …
    Brett Metcalf 971 views 44 comments Most recent by Jonathan Kleiman Legal Marketing

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