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Archives for November 2013
  • samglover
    Marketing is not Access to Justice
    Yesterday, Scott Greenfield asked: Is the legal profession better today than it was before lawyer advertising was permitted? — Scott Greenfield (@ScottGreenfield) November 21, 2013 The response from Preston Clark surprised me: @ScottGreenf…
    samglover 221 views 5 comments Most recent by lawofficeofjaj Legal Marketing
  • samglover
    How I Come Up With Blog Post Titles
    I have written thousands of titles for blog posts, and while I don’t claim that makes me an expert, it does mean I have thought an awful lot about writing titles. First, titles are really important if you want people to read your blog posts. Most…
    samglover 141 views 1 comment Most recent by Jeffrey_Taylor Legal Marketing
  • samglover
    Show Off Your Firm Newsletter
    Do you have a firm newsletter (or perhaps more than one)? Post a link to your latest, or upload a PDF here. I've always been curious to see what sorts of things people email or mail to their clients in a newsletter.
    samglover 261 views 8 comments Most recent by Cameron Parkhurst Legal Marketing
  • Karin Conroy
    Worst Website Mistakes
    I'm working on a post about website mistakes and could use some input! What are the things that make you cringe when you see them on your colleague's websites? Have you made mistakes on your website that you have regretted? What makes a decen…
    Karin Conroy 871 views 15 comments Most recent by paulspitz Legal Marketing
  • samglover
    Game Over: I Just Found the Best Law Firm Website for 2014
    Found on Reddit: That's just a screenshot. You really need to visit the website to get the full, Flash-powered experience. Turn on the sound, watch the fireflies, and just relax. (I have no idea what this site is doing on Runnels's website…
    samglover 3.6K views 14 comments Most recent by paulspitz Legal Marketing

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