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Archives for January 2013
  • dskattorney
    RANT: Where are MY clients?
    So, I have been a solo for 5 years (after working for small firms for 5 years) and am still struggling. I get a couple of cases a year and barely get by. However, I have a friend who hung a shingle straight out of law school 2 years ago. She does…
    dskattorney 3.4K views 27 comments Most recent by JAJONES Legal Marketing
  • Vincent Davis
    I recently found out that a disgruntled client's boy friend posted a negative review in Yelp about me and my office.  We won the case for the client, but insisted she pay the outstanding fees.  As it turned out, that was the boy friend's responsibil…
    Vincent Davis 121 views 8 comments Most recent by klstaley Legal Marketing
  • samglover
    Telling Good and Bad Lawyers Apart
    How would you advise someone to judge whether or not a lawyer is a good lawyer? Judging by the guides I find on many lawyers' websites, you might tell people to look for a lawyer who I responsive and communicative. Maybe one with at least X years in…
    samglover 23 views 1 comment Most recent by Tony Cota Legal Marketing
  • Nicole Black
    Business card services
    After reading this recent Lifehacker post "Five Best Business Card Printing Sites" I thought it might be worthwhile to start a thread about business cards services, since that's something nearly every lawyer needs and uses often. I recall in the pa…
    Nicole Black 103 views 14 comments Most recent by TheHeftlerFirm Legal Marketing

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