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Archives for April 2012
  • Sean Nichols
    Anyone have experience with BNI?
    Has anyone tried BNI before? It is a referral organization that members pay yearly dues to. BNI is composed of chapters. The members of each chapter meet weekly to exchange referrals. The membership fee is $400 or $500 a year, and there are additio…
    Sean Nichols 11 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Marketing
  • Jessica Taylor
    Paying for listings on Lawyers.com, Findlaw.com, etc.
    Does anyone pay for listings on lawyers.com, findlaw.com or any other similar site?  Has anyone found these sites to be useful for attracting potential clients?  Also, how much do these sites generally charge for a listing?   I have been consideri…
    Jessica Taylor 6.8K views 46 comments Most recent by sdslaw Legal Marketing
  • Frank Pipitone
    Avvo Sponsered Listings
    I was curious if anyone has had luck with Avvo sponsered listings.  They seem to be pretty aggressive in trying to convert non-paying Avvo members into paying members and I was wondering if there is potential ROI in paying for Avvo. I have spoken t…
    Frank Pipitone 1 view 2 comments Most recent by Frank Pipitone Legal Marketing
  • Nicole Black
    Facebook pages: Useful or not?
    I was wondering how many of you had success with Facebook pages as a marketing tool. I always find myself struggling with the utility of Facebook pages for law firms. This tool works well for other types of business entities, such as bands or hair …
    Nicole Black 1 view 11 comments Most recent by Jonathan Moody Legal Marketing

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