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Archives for March 2012
  • thedansherman
    Attention Whoring Done Right
    Matthew The Body 2012 Photographers Ignite This is a friend of mine presenting at a photography convention in Las Vegas. He is speaking to photographers, but I think the concepts apply to just about any profession. His biggest point is that you nee…
    thedansherman 1 view 1 comment Most recent by dskattorney Legal Marketing
  • Andrew Bloch
    Brand Yourself
    Anyone have any experience using this service? http://brandyourself.com/info/about   It is being marketed as something for people not familiar with the more techie side of the web. I may be interested in signing up? But thought I would check here.
    Andrew Bloch 1 view 2 comments Most recent by Andrew Bloch Legal Marketing
  • Jennifer Lunsford
    Starting A Blog for my Employer's Firm
    I recently joined an established plaintiff's firm and was asked to start a blog for them.  They recently hired a fancy-pants marketing firm and put a lot of money into re-branding and putting together a new website.  They understand, from what their…
    Jennifer Lunsford 1 view 15 comments Most recent by OutLaw Leads Legal Marketing
  • Jonathan Moody
    Networking Groups
    Has anyone had any experience with networking groups in their area? I just got an invitation to go meet with a group that meets Wednesday mornings at 7:00 am - basically to pass out business cards, pitch your business, and hope for referrals. But it…
    Jonathan Moody 1 view 9 comments Most recent by OutLaw Leads Legal Marketing
  • Inga Stevens
    Outsourcing your media campaign
    I know that lawyers pay other people to tweet an update facebook and linkedin, etc, for  them.     I follow a guy on Twitter.  He (or his campaign manager) posts seriously about 25 times a day, at least.  It's the same content, rotated over and ov…
    Inga Stevens 1 view 12 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Marketing
  • Greg Kunkle
    What is the consensus of using angielist.com and similar rating sites for marketing, also including the bbb.org site? Pros and cons? Thanks
    Greg Kunkle 1 view 2 comments Most recent by thedansherman Legal Marketing

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