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Archives for February 2012
  • Orlando Cordero
    Avvo Profiles
    I am working on establishing a digital fingerprint for my law practice.  I already have a LinkedIn profile which I need to update a bit more.  Also, a fellow solo attorney told me about Avvo.com and was surprised to find out that there was already a…
    Orlando Cordero 1 view 11 comments Most recent by Adam Lilly Legal Marketing
  • Inga Stevens
    Website design + online marketing campaign
    I decided to bite the bullet and pay some money for a nice website/logo/blog.  I just got off the phone with Scorpion Design, and am interested in their marketing campaign.  For $1500 (split into 2 payments) then $500 a month, they will design my we…
    Inga Stevens 1.5K views 14 comments Most recent by AFF Legal Marketing
  • Inga Stevens
    Logo input
    I hired a designer through elance.com to design my new logo/website/blog.  It's taken us 3 days to come up with a logo design that I like the best.  I like clean and simple but with enough of a flair to not look too generic.  I chose  this color bec…
    Inga Stevens 1.2K views 25 comments Most recent by Inga Stevens Legal Marketing
  • John Newman
    Where to blog?
    The question is not whether to blog on the firm home site or a dedicated firm blog site, but where to blog on third party sites? Any specific sites? By way of background, I am a bankruptcy attorney, went solo in May 2011 and looking to increase on…
    John Newman 1 view 3 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Marketing

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