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Archives for January 2012
  • ericjasonp
    Total Attorneys
    Does anyone have experience using Total Attorneys for PI leads?  Is it worth it?
    ericjasonp 2.2K views 22 comments Most recent by JECrump Legal Marketing
  • Inga Stevens
    How to pick a web designer?
    I am techno-illiterate.  I made my own website with Yahoo and boy, it looks it.  I want to hire someone to make me a new site and blog (did that too, using wordpress.  It's butt ugly.)   I thought I'd start local, and so far have spoken with 2 peo…
    Inga Stevens 1 view 12 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Marketing
  • Inga Stevens
    Paying for leads? (Nolo.com)
    I have been speaking with someone from Nolo about their leads program.  Does anyone have experience with them (I guess this is a fairly new program for Nolo)?  One thing I like about it is that you pay upfront and each lead is deducted from that dep…
    Inga Stevens 8.1K views 41 comments Most recent by Lawyerlarry Legal Marketing
  • Jeremy Clark
    Best cloud-based CRM?
    I am currently a new associate who joined up with a long-time friend and soon to be retiring solo.  It is a great opportunity for me, I get most of the freedom of being a solo but I have established systems including 3 paralegals and another attorne…
    Jeremy Clark 3.8K views 22 comments Most recent by TheoRand Legal Marketing
  • Jonathan Moody
    Excluding profile pic on website
    I have a bit of an odd question. Has anyone here found a valid reason for excluding a profile picture from your website's attorney profile page? My firm does collections, and the individuals that I collect from reside in my same general area. So I'…
    Jonathan Moody 1 view 1 comment Most recent by Adam Lilly Legal Marketing

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