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Archives for July 2011
  • gregoryluce
    Word of Mouth Advertising
    In case you missed it, we are very happy to have Larry Bodine as a Lawyerist contributor, and we’ll get him in the LAB here soon. His first post on Lawyerist was on Word of Mouth Advertising, which still remains (even in my overly tech-based mind) t…
    gregoryluce 1 view 2 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Marketing
  • gregoryluce
    Networking Groups
    Tyler White, a practicing attorney and one of Lawyerist's newest contributors, has a post coming out next week on networking groups, pro and con. The one I'm most familiar with is BNI, though not because I joined it or used it. It's because, acnecdo…
    gregoryluce 294 views 7 comments Most recent by gregoryluce Legal Marketing

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