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Archives for February 2011
  • Graham Martin
    Video for Lawyers?
    I just received an email from a friend suggesting that I think about using a local film-making company once I can afford it. I watched a video or two, and although they are nice, I have trouble thinking of times when such films would really be of mu…
    Graham Martin 11 views 9 comments Most recent by gregoryluce Legal Marketing
  • Graham Martin
    Being in the Media Spotlight
    Hi Friends, I was recently contacted about being interviewed for a radio show in San Francisco this Saturday regarding a recent blog post, called Commonalities in Contracts. I'm really excited for it, but there is no list of questions---we're jus…
    Graham Martin 1 view 6 comments Most recent by Graham Martin Legal Marketing
  • samglover
    Intake tracking
    Now is a great time to reflect on your 2010 intake tracking, and check January 2010 against January 2011 to make sure you are starting out the year right. We increased our potential client contacts from 40 in January 2010 to 55 in January 2011. A he…
    samglover 947 views 4 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Marketing

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