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Lawyering Skills

Archives for April 2012
  • Got2BtheB
    Practical Skills
    I recently passed the Illinois Bar Exam and have not had any luck finding a job so far.  I'm thinking about doing some work on my own.  The only problem is I don't have the practical experience to start doing work for people.  I have tried to resear…
    Got2BtheB 1 view 8 comments Most recent by Jonathan Moody Lawyering Skills
  • Dewitt
    Where can I get templates?
    Can someone suggest some resources to get templates for retainer agreements (specific to state and practice area), contracts, riders, settlement agreements, etc?
    Dewitt 71 views 19 comments Most recent by uswahk Lawyering Skills
  • LawyerC
    Difficult Clients
    I have a potential client (pc).  I know from my interactions with this pc that pc will be difficult and I can't expect to see a penny from pc.  PC does not qualify in my mind as someone who should receive pro bono services (I like to reserve pro bon…
    LawyerC 1 view 4 comments Most recent by William Chuang Lawyering Skills

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