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Archives for May 2011
  • gregoryluce
    Top Trial Practice Blogs
    Gyi has a nice post today on Lawyerist about his own top 10 Trial Practice Blogs, which include the following: Illinois Trial Practice Litigation & Trial Kentucky Trial Practice Tips Legal Talk Network (podcasts) Colorado Trial Practice Blog Tr…
    gregoryluce 1 view 0 comments Started by gregoryluce Lawyering Skills
  • gregoryluce
    Mentoring. Does It Still Exist?
    Sam recently had a Lawyerist post on mentoring, with a focus on whether blogs and social media are replacing more traditional mentoring (executive summary: yes and no). I have a more fundamental question: is anyone mentoring at all? While New York …
    gregoryluce 1 view 10 comments Most recent by hlclaw Lawyering Skills

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