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Legal Ethics

Archives for November 2013
  • hakim
    Retainer Agreement- Legal Fees
    Sam, I was looking over your sample agreement you posted back in 2010 on the website. I had a quick question regarding your fee. For your legal fee, you state that the money will not be put into a trust account and that the first 500 is immediate…
    hakim 121 views 3 comments Most recent by A M Legal Ethics
  • samglover
    Google Helpouts: Is it Ethical to Split Fees with Google?
    I noticed the launch of Helpouts, but I didn't take the time to look at the new service until Jeff Taylor wrote about it at The Droid Lawyer. Basically, it's a marketplace for experts. People can ask for help with everything from playing guitar to c…
    samglover 121 views 3 comments Most recent by gyitsakalakis Legal Ethics

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