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Legal Ethics

Archives for September 2012
  • LawyerC
    Contingent Fees / Recovery of Attorneys' Fees
    I would like to structure an fee agreement as follows: 1. In the case of recovery, I take a small contingent fee. 2. If attorney fees are awarded, I get paid for the time expended at my hourly rate. 3. If attorney fees are not awarded, I don't ge…
    LawyerC 3.1K views 11 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Ethics
  • LawyerC
    Credit Cards and IOLTA...time lag
    We have signed up with the credit card processor that is integrated with MyCase, Paypros.  We have already had problems with them in terms of them improperly taking money out of the IOLTA account.  We shall see if that gets resolved ASAP and we may …
    LawyerC 51 views 10 comments Most recent by Chris Hill Legal Ethics

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