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Legal Ethics

Archives for April 2012
  • JEC
    CLient paid partial retainer via money order but now has disappeared
    I received a partial retainer of $400.00 for case I quoted $800. The Client was supposed to pay the additional $400.00 last month. I held on to the 1st money order, but it seems the Client has disappeared and/or been incarcerated, because he has no …
    JEC 1 view 2 comments Most recent by louie Legal Ethics
  • JEC
    Withdrawing from a case?? Is it right
    I am having a small conflict, about potentially withdrawing from a case where the client is behind on fees.  It is not a large number, but not small either, maybe around $1,000.00 Client makes payments monthly but because of the additional work I do…
    JEC 2.3K views 14 comments Most recent by JEC Legal Ethics

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