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  • samglover
    READ THIS FIRST: How to Be An Awesome Lab Poster
    Welcome to the Lab! It's sort of like Stack Exchange or Reddit for lawyers. You can ask and answer questions, and join discussions started by others. Or just like/dislike others' posts. Or lurk. Your call. Why post? One, to get answers to your qu…
    Announcement Closed samglover 544 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover General Discussion
  • northernlaw
    Solo looking for a program to keep track of existing and prospective clients, including client communication and potentially also value of work per client, etc. I am playing around with Highrise. I do not need to communicate with a team, just lookin…
    northernlaw 95 views 4 comments Most recent by Harry Legal Technology
  • MadelineLB
    Has anyone used a case management program called Smokeball? I'm considering using it in my law practice but there are very few reviews of it that I could find (other than on their website) and before I commit I'd like to hear from attorneys who ha…
    MadelineLB 138 views 3 comments Most recent by Benjamin Wright Practice Management
  • janeslegal
    Why, why... why do we need to pay for electronic signature software?
    Hello. I'm new to this forum. I've been reading Lawyerist for a while and finally found the time to start a law firm/practice/office/group/thing. As I plan my business, I can't seem to figure out what's important and what's going the way of the Dusk…
    janeslegal 304 views 8 comments Most recent by weblaw Legal Technology
  • Jamie Sutton
    Practice Panther
    I saw that Practice Panther has made themselves free until the end of the year and I got a trial account today to start looking around at the features. It seems like a pretty slick and easy to use interface. It's got some nice features but is missin…
    Jamie Sutton 173 views 7 comments Most recent by Jamie Sutton Legal Technology
  • samglover
    What's the greatest challenge you face in your law practice?
    This week I have an open-ended question, because I expect to get many different answers. The greatest challenge for a new solo is probably not what's hardest for a new associate at a small firm, or for the owner of a 20–lawyer firm. When you thin…
    samglover 373 views 10 comments Most recent by AFF General Discussion
  • samglover
    Instapaper v. Pocket
    Which do you use for savings articles to read later? If you've compared them, why did you pick the one you use?
    Poll samglover 56 views 4 comments Most recent by AFF General Discussion
  • samglover
    What kind of office do you have?
    The traditional brick-and-mortar law office isn't going anywhere, but it may no longer be the default option for new lawyers. We'd like to find out. Please vote in the poll and tell us about your law office in the comments.
    Poll Closed samglover 634 views 23 comments Most recent by mehodges23 Practice Management
  • Jamie Sutton
    Custom Field List/Best Practices?
    So we're finally slowly getting around to setting up our firm's practice management software (in Clio, if that matters). I'm slogging through all the initial customization and setup stuff, and am working on Custom Fields. As they say, you don't know…
    Jamie Sutton 82 views 1 comment Most recent by agulkis Practice Management
  • samglover
    Which apps can't you live without?
    Which apps are the reason you own a smartphone or tablet, in other words? For me, I think it is: * Evernote * Instapaper * Byword * Ulysses * Google Maps * Contacts * Calendar (I'm not kidding about those last two. Synced-up contact…
    samglover 503 views 12 comments Most recent by MHDell Legal Technology
  • samglover
    What timekeeping and billing software do you use?
    I'm working on a guide to timekeeping and billing software for lawyers, and I'm trying to get an idea of which are the most popular, and if there are any others I should include. Please vote for the one you use. If you vote Other or you would like t…
    Poll Closed samglover 963 views 41 comments Most recent by MHDell Legal Technology
  • alphaomegan
    Mac with Parallels or PC?
    I use both a desktop and a laptop in my practice; in the main, I don't like having to bring my laptop home every night from the office. My desktop is a Windows 7 PC and my laptop is a 2012 MacBook Air. The PC is four years old and acting up, so I pl…
    alphaomegan 161 views 6 comments Most recent by alphaomegan Legal Technology
  • samglover
    What kind of mobile phone do you have?
    Help us figure out which is the most popular phone among members of the Lawyerist community. If you answer Other or None, tell us more in the comments!
    Poll Closed samglover 1.1K views 29 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • DHolland
    Quickbooks for time and billing
    I started my own office this week and had grand plans to use QB Premier for time and billing as well as bookkeeping. My experience thus far is frustrating. Are the potential benefits of the program worth the effort on the learning curve, or am I …
    DHolland 202 views 9 comments Most recent by AFF Legal Technology
  • Jamie Sutton
    Best Encryption for Google Drive
    We've thought about switching over to Box or another service, but since we're already using Google Apps for 95 percent of everything else on our Google for Business account, we'd really like to stick to Google Drive. But I'm having a hell of a time …
    Jamie Sutton 154 views 2 comments Most recent by CGLoweNC Legal Technology
  • ericjasonp
    Total Attorneys
    Does anyone have experience using Total Attorneys for PI leads?  Is it worth it?
    ericjasonp 1.4K views 16 comments Most recent by Ryan Ballard Legal Marketing
  • samglover
    What's your favorite way to make coffee?
    There are a ton of ways to make coffee, from good-old Mr. Coffee drip machines to exotic chemistry-lab-lookalike setups like Siphon. What's your favorite? (We've got at least 7 different ways to make coffee in my house, but I've picked my own fav…
    Poll samglover 312 views 13 comments Most recent by Adam Lilly Legal Technology
  • samglover
    Tell us what's on your holiday wish list for 2015
    What's on your wish list for whichever solstice holiday(s) you celebrate? (Mine: Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set, Lamy Logo fountain pen, and even though I don't even like wearing watches, an Apple Watch.)
    samglover 381 views 21 comments Most recent by andycabs General Discussion
  • PeterJNickitas001
    Internet speeds
    What is a suitable speed for a solo's office with one Mac, one Windows PC, one iPad Air Pro, two AirPrint printers, and one iPhone 6+? Is 40 MBps enough? How about 100 MBps? What about 1GBps -- is that overkill?
    PeterJNickitas001 101 views 6 comments Most recent by thedansherman Legal Technology
  • pblewett
    Best business bank account for the solo practitioner
    Which banks offer the best, least expensive and the most user friendly business accounts for the solo practitioner in California?
    pblewett 192 views 7 comments Most recent by SamTabar Starting a Law Firm
  • samglover
    What practice management software do you use?
    Help us figure out which is the most popular practice management software among members of the Lawyerist community. If you answer Other or None, tell us more in the comments! POLL CLOSED on 2015-10-15 This was fun, but in the end, it's impo…
    Poll Closed samglover 9.2K views 108 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology

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